Biffa launches nationwide takeaway cup recycling service


Biffa launches nationwide recycling service for hot and cold takeaway drinks cups.

Waste management company Biffa is now offering UK mainland businesses, including cafes, restaurants, service stations and supermarkets, a “fully integrated” disposal, collection and recycling service for their used cups.

Making the announcement, Daniel Barrett, of Biffa’s Reactive Services, said: “Far too many recyclable takeaway cups end up in general waste, preventing perfectly good cardboard from being transformed back into new products.

“But despite the eagerness of many businesses to become more sustainable and compliant, the UK lacked sufficient options for the convenient and efficient nationwide recycling of these cups.”

Far too many recyclable takeaway cups end up in general waste.

From October 2025, all businesses with 10 or more full-time staff that sell takeaway drinks in fibre-based single-use cups will have to recycle them by law.

Biffa said it will provide advice, cup disposal points, bags and bins to participating businesses. The company said it will collect, bulk and bale the cups before transporting them using its fleet of vehicles to a UK paper mill and turning them into new cardboard packaging.

Paul Sanderson, Chief Executive of The Recycling Association, commented: “Many takeaway cups contain high-quality cardboard that can be recycled into new cardboard or paper products.

“Collection schemes like this ensure that these cups can be kept from general waste so that they can be recycled at specialist mills.”

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